Annual Reports



Education for Peace and Development is a key component of the Foundation’s investment priorities with an overall goal to increase access to quality education for women and youth in order to reduce the risk of perpetual poverty.

In 2018, the Foundation made substantial progress in enlisting several students into its emergency short term financial aid program (Our Children’s Fund). Twelve (12) new students were awarded short term financial aids of tuition in universities and airfare to attend training in and out of Liberia. Read more>>>

2017 has been a very busy year for GPFA. This year’s highlights include celebrating GPFA’s fifth anniversary, expanding our book bag drive, the Peace Through Fair Play camp, and the launch of our feminist lecture series “Her Story.”

2017 was also a milestone election year for Liberia. It signaled the third set of democratic elections since the end of our 14-year civil war read more >>


It is our honor to present the 2016 Annual Report, which has been guided by
the three-year GPFA Strategic Plan (2016 – 2019). This report represents our
collective commitment to give account of our undertakings this year by stating our accomplishments and the impact of our interventions, as well as highlighting our challenges as we embark on the journey to see an empowered population of women and youth committed to a transformed, peaceful, and reconciled Africa. read more >>


This annual report is a reflection of work done by GPFA during the year 2015. We are humbled and proud to share with you the full scope of GPFA’s accomplishments during the year in review.
The organization was able to provide continuous support for students, especially girls in fulfilling their dreams of acquiring quality education and leadership skills despite the impact of the ebola virus disease on communities. read more >>


The year 2014 was ushered in with high expectations that GPFA will continue growing and creating aniche for herself. We were very excited and hopeful that our rapid growth would spur our endeavors even further as we entered into our 3rd year of existence. Our students reached many successful milestones and our programs gained deeper roots into the fabric of the lives we touched. Our scholarships extended from Liberia, Ghana and the United States, to Mozambique and Scotland. read more >>>


Welcome to our 2013 Annual Report. This has been my second year serving as Chairperson of the Board of Advisors of this dynamic Foundation. I would like to acknowledge the great work of my colleagues of the Board, very diversified in their professions but have remained ever committed to providing strategic advice as well as overseeing the vision of young girls pursuing educational opportunities. read more >>