Celebrating Our Scholar

Meet Ernestine Vulue, a scholar at the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa. Ernestine recently graduated from Cuttington University with a Bachelors degree in Accounting! When asked about her experiences at GPFA, this what she had to say:
“ I joined GPFA in 2013. As a high school senior, GPFA sent me to Spain, on a student exchange program. After high school, I didn’t think college was possible. Although I always wished to earn a college degree, there were not any financial means of achieving my dream. But everything became a reality when GPFA offered me a full-ride to study accounting at CU. As a scholar, I gained so much exposure in my field of study. At the end of every school year, GPFA helped secure paid internships for me. My most recent internship was Mipre Incorporated, helping in household solutions across the Monrovia area.
I also got to volunteer at life-changing events like Sustain the Peace, where I helped raise awareness around electoral violence by mobilizing communities to go out to vote. I can’t emphasize how much I’ve changed due to interacting with different groups of people and attending women-focused conferences and events. I gained a voice and became an active citizen after participating in GPFA’s Young Women Leadership Program (YWLP). In addition to boosting my self-confidence, I am now an open-minded person who has a broader view of the world. I have moved away from gender stereotypes, and I try to advocate for gender equality in everything I do.

My time at GPFA has inspired me to dream big, so now that I’ve got a college degree, plus valued experiences, I plan to work for a year, save up and get my masters in Taxation and Business law.”