Community Empowerment

Community Empowerment

GPFA empowers local communities and improves women’s participation in private and public decision making in their local communities by supporting women-led self-help projects.



Breakfast Walk & Talk (BWT)

Breakfast Walk and Talk (BWT) is a women’s only, intergenerational space created for networking and mentoring among women from diverse professional and academic backgrounds.


Her Story (Feminist Lecture Series)

This gathering fosters interactive knowledge sharing and intellectual growth amongst men and women in different sectors of society. 


Liberian Women Lead

 An advocacy project that seeks to address gender inequality in Liberia by building a movement of women who are equipped and empowered to understand their rights and effectively address issues affecting them.


Social Responsibility Radio Program

Social Responsibility Radio Program with the goal of widening the debate around sexual and gender-based violence in the public sphere.