Education for Peace and Development (EPAD)

Education for Peace and Development (EPAD)

The overall goal of this program is to increase access of women and youth to quality education to reduce their risk of experiencing perpetual poverty.

The following are projects under the EPAD program:

  • African Youth Education Initiative (AYEI)

    African Youth Education Initiative (AYEI) provides scholarship support to women, girls and disadvantaged male youth to complete secondary and tertiary education. We provide educational materials and afterschool tutorial services to our scholars. AYEI currently sponsors a total of fifty-seven young scholars (including two boys) in junior, senior and colleges around Ghana, Mozambique, and Liberia.

  • Our Children’s Fund (OCF)

    The Foundation prioritizes education. As such, OCF serves as an emergency funding pool where we award short term financial aid in tuition, airfare, and paying of fees for training.


  • President’s Fellow (PF)

    GPFA’s President fellow program is an initiative personally sponsored by Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee in fulfillment of her vision to sustain peace and development in Africa by investing in education for young women. The primary goal of the President’s Fellow Project is to create an opportunity for young women to have access to education.

  • Our Children Retreat

    The aim of the annual retreat is to provide a space for high school scholarship beneficiaries to network and build friendships while being supported to understand the scholarship program.

  • Children Education & Reading Fair (CERF)

    Through fun and games, CERF encourages children aged 6-11 to enjoy reading and other educational activities.

  • Book-Bag Drive

    Our Book Bag Drive Project intends to help high achieving underprivileged students access school materials and uniforms. Every year, we target at least 4 countries in Liberia to provide book bags plus 20 USD to every child in grade 1-6 with a yearly average of 90 and above.

  • Gathering of Scholars

    The Gathering of Scholars is a platform created for GPFA’s scholarship beneficiaries to connect and have conversations about their educational sojourns. It is also used as a peer to peer mentoring space. During the gathering, prominent Liberian women who have defied all odds to succeed are invited to the space to inspire and challenge the scholars to bring out their best selves.