July 19, 2019 at 12:00 am

Meet PTFP 2019 Peace Ambassador

At the end of every Peace Through FairPlay Camp, the volunteers and camp coordinators gather and choose an outstanding camper. This year, we had 33 campers with extraordinary talents and attributes that qualified all of them to be Peace Ambassadors. However, Bioma D. Jelibah stole the hearts of everyone-his ability to interact across cultures and situations reminded us of what a leader looks like. As such,  Bioma D. Jelibah was unanimously chosen as PTFP 2019 Peace Ambassador. GPFA awarded Bioma with a 1year scholarship for embodying a compassionate and intelligent young man through the exhibition of peaceful engagements and interactions with other campers, especially those with disabilities!‬ We look forward to watching Bioma use such inspiring title to empower his community, leveraging everything he learned at camp!‬