Featured Scholar- Kadiatou Balde

Meet Kadiatou Balde, a medical student at the A. M. Dogliotti College of Medicine. Kadi is ranked as one of GPFA’s high-achieving students. Over the years, we have been extremely impressed by Kadi’s commitment to achieving excellence in all her endeavors.

As a Scholar, Kadi is keen on giving back to her community. She always undertakes community initiatives that benefit her peers- even as far as those in her county of origin, Maryland.

At GPFA’s recent Peace Through FairPlay Youth Camp, Kadi hailed as one of the Volunteers of the Year. A majority of the campers nominated her due to her hard work and exceptional interactions with them. Kadi’s charisma proves that she will make an excellent Medical Doctor.

GPFA is always thrilled when our female Scholars pursue careers in STEM!