Since February 2012, Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa has provided direct, and facilitated in-kind scholarships to Liberian women, girls, and youth to primary and secondary schools, vocational schools and universities at undergraduate and graduate levels within and outside of Liberia under its African Girls Leadership Initiative.

GPFA Scholarship Program covers all school expenses for students, including room & boarding & health care benefits. GPFA Scholars benefit from our wide network of local & international partnerships through which we link our scholars to internships in their field of area.

Scholarship Application & Guidelines

Scholarships and Financial Aid are awarded based on academic performance (Grade B or 80%), commitment (exceptional ability to succeed) and need which will be determined by GPFA. However, female applicants are encouraged to apply for our scholarship and financial aid opportunities.


1. Internships

  • Our university scholars as part of their scholarship contract are required to engage in at least one-month internship to give back to their communities and have on-the-job experience, whilst acquiring academic and professional training. 
  • GPFA scholars are connected to opportunities that will prepare them for leadership roles in the private and public sector through at least one month of on-the-job internship during an annual school vacation.

2. Mentorship

  • Our mentorship program empowers university students to serve as mentors to our high school boarding scholars. University scholars provide comprehensive educational advising in addition to tutoring, professional and personal services. 

3. Leadership Development

  • Each year, GPFA scholars volunteer at our Peace Through Fair Play Camp. They are also opportune to attend GPFA’s young women leadership conference where they build professional development and peacebuilding skills. 

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