Ms. Abigail Urey-Miller


Abigail Urey-Miller has served on the Board of Directors (BoD) of Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa (GPFA) since 2016. She is an entrepreneur, a Certified Public Accountant and is currently co-owner/ Managing Director of Edgail Recycling Inc., a thriving company in Liberia. Abigail received her education in Liberia, Canada and the United States of America (USA). After obtaining her degree in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts, she joined PriceWater House Cooper (PwC) where she worked for over 4 years as Associate Accountant. Edgail Recycling Inc. is the first company of its kind in Liberia to invest into equipment that adds value to waste. Edgail Recycling Inc. has progressed into the recycling of waste lubricant in Liberia with the construction of a full factory and a workforce of 75. Abigail takes great pride in Edgail Recycling contribution to the Liberian economy through the provision of jobs and also the contribution recycling makes to the protection of the environment. She also finds it challenging but a unique opportunity to be working in a sector, predominately occupied by men. Abigail says; African youth are not waiting for any reforms to happen. Our moment is now. The African continent offers tremendous business opportunities and we are committed to developing quality products and services.